From gold and silver to oil and coffee, Axi makes it easy to access the world’s most important and widely traded commodities. Using the MT4 platform you can trade all the top commodities as easily as regular Forex currencies.

How does Commodities Trading work?

When you trade commodities with Axi you’re not investing in a physical asset, like a bar of gold or a barrel of oil. Instead, you’re simply trading on the realtime price movements of the underlying product on the open market. This is known as CFD (Contract for Difference) trading.

Profiting from a price increase

Let’s say you enter into a Gold CFD contract at a current market price of $1,291 per ounce, believing the value of the commodity will rise by a certain time. If the price of Gold has risen when your contract expires, you’ll make a profit based on the difference between the buy and sell price.

However, if it’s fallen below the buy price at the point when the contract expires, you’ll lose the trade.

Profiting from a price decrease

Let’s again say you want to enter into a Gold CFD contract at $1,291 per ounce, this time believing the price will fall. If it did fall by the time the contract expired, you’d make a profit. If it had risen, you’d incur a loss.

Profiting from downward price movements is one of the unique aspects of CFD trading; if you were purchasing physical bars of Gold you could only profit by selling it for more than you paid for it.

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