This course breaks down all the basic concepts you need to know about trading, including: How FX trading works, Trading tools, techniques and strategies that work, Essential indicators and technical analysis techniques, Video tutorials and other bonus content.

STEP 1: Guide to Forex

Get a clear understanding of the basics of FX trading, from common jargon and popular trading products to what’s important when choosing a broker and how much money you’ll need to start trading.

STEP 2:Guide to MT4

Take a crash course in MT4 – the world’s most popular trading platform! We’ll guide you through the setup, how to place trades, use charts, indicators and drawing tools, plus more pro tips.

STEP 3:Guide to Indicators

Understanding indicators is an essential skill for successful trading. We outline each main type, how to choose the right one for your strategy, how to combine indicators and much more!

STEP 4:Price Action Playbook

Learn to make smarter trade decisions as you discover technical knowledge of candlesticks, timeframes, patterns and how to better read markets to increase your probability of success.

STEP 5:How to Manage Trades and Find Your Trading Strategy

Break down the anatomy of a trade and learn essential concepts like entry points, stop loss, take profit and break evens, plus how to manage risk, lot sizes and design a strategy that suits your goals.